Derrick Family History :: 1738-2010

In July of 1738, the ship “Two Brothers,” commanded by Capt. William Thomson, embarked for Georgia with many other German servants to help establish the colony of Georgia. On October 7, 1738, the ship arrived at Frederica on St. Simons Island, Georgia. This ship carried 133 passengers aboard. The records say 116 “head” of German servants arrived but children did not count as a whole “head.” All of these 133 Germans were required to indenture themselves as servants to pay for their passage from Europe. Among these Germans was a woman recorded as the Widow Derick, age 26, with a daughter Elizabeth, age 8, a son Malchier(Melchoir), age 7, and a son Jacob, age 5, and a daughter Margaretta, age 1. The Widow Derick (Derrick) and her children settled at Village Bluff, also known as the German Village, St. Simons Island, Georgia, until her bond was paid. It was concluded that the Widow Derrick’s husband became ill on the voyage to America and died at sea. No further records have been found on the Widow Derrick and it is assumed since she was still young and in need of support, that she remarried and lost the identity of the Derrick name in all future records. However it was found that her son John Melchoir moved to an area in Lexington County South Carolina in 1764, between the Broad and Saluda Rivers. This section is commonly known as the “Dutch Fork” area. It is know as the “Dutch Fork” because the German people who settled here in the fork of the Broad and Saluda Rivers were known as Deutsche. Now that Melchoir and his wife Barbary had settled permanently in America, this was the true beginning of the Derrick Family. The Derrick family has lived in the “Dutch Fork” for the last 233 years. On December 12, 1953, my father, Charles Alan Derrick , was born to Charles DuRhea and Helen Mathias Derrick. On November 9, 1980, Charles Alan Derrick and Dorothy Louise Coogler gave birth to their first son, John Charles Derrick. David Alan Derrick, my brother, and I are the descendants of the Derrick family. Hopefully many more generations of the Derrick family will follow us.

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